Joan's Ribs | MEET THE TEAM
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Meet the founders Joan’s Ribs: José and Andre. Two friends from Ouderkerk aan de Amstel who, at first glance, are completely different, but their common ground lies in their passion for cooking. They decided to join forces in order to produce the tastiest loin ribs available. No more simply eating and gnawing, but a luxurious and sophisticated loin rib that you will be happy to take the time to eat. In José’s kitchen, the two friends tried out different methods and marinades evening after evening, which ultimately resulted in the authentic taste of Joan’s ribs.

José Kouwenhoven

José grew up in a family of traditional butchers. In 1968, her parents started Kouwenhoven Vlees, which has since become a household name in the meat-processing industry. She attended the butchers’ school and worked for her parents in the abattoir and at various butcher’s shops. After giving birth to her three daughters, she stopped working at the butcher’s shop, but she never lost her love of meat and cooking. She creates culinary masterpieces in her own kitchen, which is also how Joan’s Ribs came about.

Andre Posthumus

Andre ended up in the catering industry after having completed and failing to complete many courses. He is every inch a host. After many years of working in the catering industry, he decided to focus on the music industry — first working for the Stichting Nederlandse Top 40 (Dutch Top 40 Foundation), and later in promotions and marketing at EMI Music Netherlands and EMI International. Since 2000, Andre has been working as a freelancer in various industries — from music to art and naturally the ever-enticing catering industry. His passion lies in devising and implementing (F&B) concepts combined with a good out-of-the-box promotion plan.

If you have  any questions or wish to order please contact us via e-mail or telephone!