Joan's Ribs | Kalfs (Spare) Ribs
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The secret of
Joan’s Ribs.

Joan’s Ribs are the most tastiest loin ribs in the Netherlands. Our secret is using the best loin ribs of Dutch veal which are marinated in a home-made, pure, natural blend of herbs and spicies, before cooking it to perfection in the meat’s natural juices. The meat is so tender and succulent that it will fall of the bone.


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A new way of eating spare ribs.

Joan’s Ribs is introducing a new way of eating loin ribs for within the catering industry: not simply chewing away at them, but take your time to enjoy our luxurious and sophisticated flavoured loin ribs.


Joan’s Ribs Spicy.

Joan’s Ribs has a new variant in the assortment:The delicious Joan’s Ribs Spicy. Our Loin ribs of Dutch veal marinated in our homemade and all natural herbal blend with a hint of pepper and spicy herbs. These natural additives provide a beautiful, rich and spicy taste experience. And of course, Joan’s Ribs Spicy is also gluten free.

NEWS: “Joan’s Spicy Ribs are now available. Without any artificial additives and gluten free.”

Joan’s Ribs are for everyone

Joan’s Ribs are for everyone: for people who are not allowed to eat by their religion or do not wish to eat pork. For people following a gluten-free diet and for people who like to eat spare ribs but don’t like the sauce dripping mess or eating with their hands.

With Joan’s Ribs, we are introducing a new way of eating ribs.Joan’s Ribs can be eaten with a knife and fork, or with your hands — it’s up to you.

Pure and fairly

Class A meat of veal deserves the best marinade. Joan’s Ribs are marinated in a carefully compiled and homemade blend of pure and simple herbs and spices — which isn’t just really tasty, but also gluten free and doesn’t contain any artificial additives.

The ribs of Joan's are a sensation!
- Joanne Steakensteiner (NYC)
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